Electric can openers affix an element of handiness to each and every kitchen which possesses it. Either you suffer from arthritis or might utilize the additional amount of time usually spent having a shot at opening up the cans on your own; a regular can opener is exactly what you need to have.

There are several special kinds to pick from, which includes the ones intended to make their way below the cabinet or that are prepared to open up bigger cans. A few electric can openers even provide added features, like cord storage space or a knife sharpener. If you haven’t yet been able to find what you desire, look around more electric can openers for a broader collection.

Below we have aligned some of the best electric can openers of all time which can cater to all your needs that you expect from the can opener.

West Bend Electric Can Opener

This West Bend electric can opener is above than merely equipment or tool, as it comprises of both a vessel opener and a knife sharpener in the backside of the opener. This 70-watt can opener has plenty of commands to grip from usual cans and the bigger ones. It is also outstanding for its lean yet powerful devising. Other specs comprise of an automatic shut down and fitted cord storage space. This can opener is manufactured from plastic, aluminum, and chrome.

Proctor Silex Plus Extra-Tall Can Opener

As the name implies, this electric can opener is perfect for popping open even the biggest of cans. As an additional feature it also productively gets rid of the lids on the initial take. Even though the cutting handle may become untidy during the process, it may also be detached for cleaning. A mixture of a magnetic cap holder and a tough blade holds each of the cans firmly in position. A knife sharpener is also incorporated.

Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Can Opener

A detachable cutting element provides an easier clean-up. This electric can opener additionally comes with even more features, which includes cord space to make your countertops free from any kind of litter and a knife sharpener. It additionally shuts down involuntarily when you are done with the work. An extra-tall design makes sure that even bigger cans are going to be pop opened with simplicity. The can opener makes use of an exceptional device to assist in opening up cans on the primary take. All the consumers which are conscious about space are going to welcome this can opener’s slim outline.

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